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How to prolong erection time means and ways for 100 potency

How to prolong erection time means and ways for 100 potency


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How to prolong erection time: means and methods for 100% potency

For a long and lasting erection, you need to eat right, exercise, avoid stress and cost of viagra cialis levitra monitor your health..


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To learn how to breathe correctly during sexual intercourse, preliminary training will be required. Shedding an erection will help a deep breath and holding the breath just before ejaculation;

Kegel exercise.

When performing this exercise, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the perineum, trying tadalafil 5mg to bring the anus and testicles closer to each other. To understand the sensations and get used to them, in the early stages of training, you can resort to holding urination for a few seconds. Having mastered this technique, a man will be able to control an erection, and prolong it;

How to prolong erection time means and ways for 100 potency

change of positions.

It will be easier to prolong an erection if the partners change several positions during intercourse. In addition, it will diversify sexual sensations;


The methodology is controversial. Some advise at the moment when ejaculation approaches, to think about something not related generic cialis cost walgreens to sex in order to weaken the erection and prolong sexual intercourse. Others do not recommend doing this, so as not to lose an erection at all. In this case, everyone decides for himself;


You can slightly reduce the hypersensitivity of the head of the penis by directing it twice a day with a strong shower jet;

medical methods

Among the health-friendly medical methods for prolonging an erection, four main ones should be distinguished:

biologically active additives. The pharmaceutical industry produces a sufficient number of herbal preparations that effectively affect male potency. The most popular kamagra 100 mg dietary supplements are Alicaps, Yohimbe, Vuka-Vuka, Impaza how much is generic cialis with insurance. All of them have a minimum of contraindications for use and side effects;

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folk remedies. Honey is an indispensable tool for strengthening male erection. At home tadalafil 20mg, it is combined with nuts, propolis, ginger root, unroasted pumpkin seeds are there any generic drugs comparable to cialis that are cheaper in price? and garlic. To do this, any raw material must be crushed, add twice as much liquid honey, and use the mixture 2-3 times a day;

artificial helpers.

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To reduce the sensitivity of the organ, many men are helped by the use of a condom during intimate contact. An equally effective way is the use of erectors – special rings worn on the penis to control erection;

anesthetic creams. Refers to medical preparations containing analgesics. Not recommended for frequent use, as they dull the pleasant sensations of sexual contact and are addictive.


If there are organic health problems (vascular pathologies, infections and inflammations, hormonal disruptions), do not postpone a visit to the sildenafilo apotex doctor to treat the underlying disease.

Psychological problems that are not amenable to self-regulation should be solved with the help of a psychotherapist or a sexologist.

To prolong an erection in a man, and improve the quality of sexual relations, all three methods should be used..

Over time, many men lose their erection – this is a natural process. What to do and how to solve this kamagra direct problem is described in the video below..

Comprehensive impact on the problem, will help get rid of it in the shortest possible time.